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Time for reflection

So below is the first post i put into the world of social media letting people know I was training and in need of volunteers:

"Hi guys, for those of you who don't know i am currently training to be a counsellor and am in need of volunteers to have a chat with me about anything in the following areas; anxiety, stress, relationships, loss and bereavement. I can assure you that anything that is spoken about will remain completely confidential and anonymous. I just need hours logged where I practice my skills where I mainly sit and listen to anything you have to say about anything you want. if you are interested or know anyone who might be then please pm me =]"

Seeing this come up inspired me to write about the difficulties faced in putting oneself out there for all to see, to be vulnerable and to ask for help. This post was 3 years ago, I had done my certificate in Hypnotherapy and my first year of basic counselling skills but this was the time to practice my ever growing skill set. It was a terrifying time, plagued with doubts about being good enough, would I be able to help in the ways I wanted to, how was I to navigate my way through something that I wanted so desperately to do?! All these questions face us at times in our lives, perfectly normal reactions to changes being made, but what happens when these hold you back? Overwhelming you and keeping you from being able to move forward?

That is where someone like me with my skill set steps in and can help you to understand those fears, why they are present and teach a new more effective way to move forward with a different perspective. Often fear is founded in a negative mindset, where we are only able to see the often irrational ways of being. These cognition's become embedded and we filter our thoughts through this lens, keeping us locked into this to keep us 'safe'. A way of navigating this is to understand where the perceptions have come from. It is in the uncovering of where these thoughts took root that we can begin to create change. Our subconscious guides the automated thought patterns and a way to regain control and change these is to talk through it making it conscious. What we make conscious can be guided towards change in whatever form this may take.

In my therapy room you are in control, the expert in your life, I am there to gain an understanding and look at ways to understand why they have taken root but more importantly how you can change this perspective, gain clarity and move forward with this new knowledge. The reason for this post was inspired by a moment in time where I was feeling anxiety and almost at times it seemed paralysed by fear, but after the cliche of time has passed and I can reflect on this I can be mindful of how far I have come. More importantly I can use the skills from my personal journey in my therapeutic journey to empower others to seek their perfect path, the mantra of my counselling business.

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